Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

To get started, complete all the registration detail, create and customise your landing webpage and Mrec Ad. Once the required details are filled, proceed to make payment for set up fee and annual license fee and commence marketing your online tax return service.
How do I pay for lodgments?

Your lodgments will be accumulated and deducted from your nominated credit card or bank account on a monthly or each time you reach 100 lodgments whichever is earlier.
How many tax preparer users can be on the system for lodgment at a time?

Each account has one user access. However, additional tax preparing users can be added at $150 per person per year. Any number of tax preprarers can be online at a time to prepare tax returns.
How many clients can I have?

You can have unlimited number of clients and only pay for lodgments of tax returns as per price structure.
How many client users are able to sign on at a time?

There are no limit to number of client users signing on at a time, which will very much depend on their internet access and your website internet hosting service.
Does iTax Portal generate username and password for client signing up for the tax agent service?

The first time the client user sign up directly from your website via iTax Portal, they will be able to choose their own login details which is normally their email address and nominate own password.
On subsequent years, will the client details be available for update with new tax return submission ?

Client can use the same login to submit subsequent year tax return and access to their previous year tax returns record provided your website service is still in service. Tax agents will also have record of their clients and all their tax returns submitted for rollover and subsequent years tax returns.
How do I know when a client has signed on and submitted details for my tax return service?

When the user client sign up and completed their tax return application, they have the option to submit tax return to you for revision. When this is done from the client user’s side, you will be sent with an email notification.
How do clients submit their substantiation document with their tax return?

Client user can choose the option to attach their substantiation documents. Attachments can be added to the iform.
Can I prepare multiple years returns at the same time?

You can prepare multiple year tax returns for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016.
Does the client need to sign the tax payer’s declaration before submitting the tax return?

Client can tick the tax payer's declaration at the time of submitting the form online to the tax agent. However, before lodgment, a soft copy of the signed pages should be attached, authorising the tax agent to lodge your return electronically.
What is required to signup & use your software for tax returns?

You must be a Registered Australian Tax Agent and must provide your active tax agent number, registered business (ABN) and ELS credentials.
What do I need to do when I need to raise questions to clients for outstanding information?

iTax Portal enables 2 ways communication enabling you to review tax return form submitted by the client and raise queries while going through the form. Client will receive the queries you raise via email which are directly updated on the tax return from their login and vice versa. Client answer the queries you raise and update the tax return.
Does iTax Portal have inbuilt all schedules to meet my client lodgment requirement?

iTax Portal is fully equipped with all schedules to meet your clients requirement. If in doubt, please contact our support team.
Does iTax Portal provide payment option from clients for lodging tax return?

iTax Portal does not provide payment option for your clients when submitting their tax return requesting for your service. You may wish to make payment arrangement according to your business practice.
Do I get charge for revision submission?

Yes, all the revised tax returns are treated as new lodgments & will be charged as per price list.