About iTax Portal


As a Tax Agent, managing your practice, and managing your clients takes up most of your time and leaves you little time to manage your business.

And with the increasing need for automation in the taxation process, as well as the evolution of technology in the field of accounting, means your tax agent practice will face new challenges including the Government's push for the implementation of Standard Business Reporting (SBR) reporting within the tax and financial system.

GovReport's iTax Portal enables tax agents' to take their business into the future. Through iTax Portal, Tax Agents can deliver a high-touch experience to their clients:

  • Customising their log-in landing page
  • Customisable standard business and client webpage
  • Works with or without a business website for a tax agent's practice
  • Create your own standard ads (Mrec) for your business
  • Clients and tax preparers can interact to process and confirm tax returns
  • I-Form window to input data, queue and lodge when you are ready
  • Import or rollover tax information from previous years
  • Wrap your company interface around iTax Portal